Tech News (11/08/18)

In the Age of A.I., Is Seeing Still Believing?

This is perhaps the most interesting article I read today. This article discusses the application of neural network to computer vision. Farid comes out and asks the question “Why did Stalin airbrush those people out of the photographs?”. Although the developers are pursuing this technology for noble reasons, a developer must be aware of the un-noble purposes it can be be utilized for.

People will never vote for a carbon tax, so let’s stop asking

The carbon tax has often been seen as the most enterprising and capitalistic solution to the problem of global warming. Interestingly enough, it appears that liberal Washington state is refusing to support this solution. This goes to show that the masses either Republican or Democratic will never directly vote for tax increases. It also goes to show that a system meant to satisfy all will undoubtedly satisfy none.

Officials see no sign of security breaches in midterm votes

A cyber attack by nature is meant to be disruptive by nature. Although the Department of Homeland Security argues that no security breach has occurred it does not change the fact that the very threat added tension to the elections. Much more importantly it has affected the image of the democratic process. A transparent defense and public campaign is necessary to restore this image.


Innovation is necessary in the ever increasing smartphone company. But I highly doubt that the folding phone will be the “next big thing”. Samsung needs to realize that the future is in Virtualization. More importantly i fear that this concept might result in an extremely fragile phone.


Author: Francisco Reveriano

Computer Engineering Student at UHCL

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