Tech News (11/12/18)

Hard Questions: What Are We Doing to Stay Ahead of Terrorists?

What Facebook is doing is very noble but not the solution to this problem. It’s similar to Wall Street saying they are self-policing. Or worse the tycoons of the Gilded Era arguing that they know best. The only solution in this situation is for the government to interfere. This should solely be the job of the government. This of course means curtailing the powers of all social companies.


Meet the Robot Who Knows How to Trade Bonds Better Than You Do

To the financial literate this reminds one of the 2010 Flash Crash. The Robot might increase efficiency in the market. But it also can detect and react to errors faster. Which can trigger a chain of events before Humans can react. A computer will never be able to compare with pure nonsensical judgement. The ideal solution is that a person must always continue to execute and approve all trades.


Rocket Lab’s Modest Launch Is Giant Leap for Small Rocket Business

What this article fails to mention is the the increase in space junk that will result from this. This on its own is the biggest problem with all commercial space enterprises. Major nations should ban this type of activity till a stable cleanup solution is made.



Tech News (11/09/18)

People Are Arguing About Whether This Trump Press Conference Video Is Doctored

This goes to express my concerns about AI in Digital Processing. The truth is that partisanship will play an increasing role here. Since the video shows a liberal respected journalist attacking a women it has to be inherently fake. If the video showed a conservative journalist attacking a women there would be no argument. The credibility of videos will only increase the attacks on the News Media.

Xinhua AI anchor presents CIIE news reports

This further expresses the problems with AI. We can only expect American news media to catch on. Of course it would be interesting to read the code on this.

VW plans to sell electric Tesla rival for less than $23,000

This article is extremely interesting. It expresses concerns about the possible job loss in Europe to due to the switch of electric to combustion engine. I wonder how long before this concerns are pushed to the very same liberal politicians pushing for tighter emission control. Of course the solution that will be advocated will be a universal standard wage.

Amazon Execs Addressed Concerns About Amazon Rekognition And ICE At An All-Hands Meeting

Amazon has no choice in this scenario. The US government will will access and use the technology whether Amazon or another company likes it or not. They can appropriate it or developed it themselves. Amazon is simply making money out of this. Of course the issue on civil liberties is completely different issue.

Tech News (11/08/18)

In the Age of A.I., Is Seeing Still Believing?

This is perhaps the most interesting article I read today. This article discusses the application of neural network to computer vision. Farid comes out and asks the question “Why did Stalin airbrush those people out of the photographs?”. Although the developers are pursuing this technology for noble reasons, a developer must be aware of the un-noble purposes it can be be utilized for.

People will never vote for a carbon tax, so let’s stop asking

The carbon tax has often been seen as the most enterprising and capitalistic solution to the problem of global warming. Interestingly enough, it appears that liberal Washington state is refusing to support this solution. This goes to show that the masses either Republican or Democratic will never directly vote for tax increases. It also goes to show that a system meant to satisfy all will undoubtedly satisfy none.

Officials see no sign of security breaches in midterm votes

A cyber attack by nature is meant to be disruptive by nature. Although the Department of Homeland Security argues that no security breach has occurred it does not change the fact that the very threat added tension to the elections. Much more importantly it has affected the image of the democratic process. A transparent defense and public campaign is necessary to restore this image.


Innovation is necessary in the ever increasing smartphone company. But I highly doubt that the folding phone will be the “next big thing”. Samsung needs to realize that the future is in Virtualization. More importantly i fear that this concept might result in an extremely fragile phone.